Ak’En – IBERO: Departamento de Diseño
Bahui. Maceta
11 mayo, 2023
14 marzo, 2023


Ceramic pipe and stone base

AK´EN Conjunto de pipa y base

AK’EN takes as inspiration the use of medicinal plants in healing rituals, traditions transmitted empirically since pre-Hispanic times and remain of immense value and importance until today.

The product embodies the duality of the spiritual and the earthly. And as the main formal inspiration, we take the tool that, within the world of rituals, we consider of greater symbolic value: the mortar or molcajete.

The smoking pipe, seeks to stand out on its volcanic stone base, celebrating the tradition of the ritual, enhancing the beauty and value of the ancestral knowledge of herbology and its connection with the spiritual world.


Diseño: Paola Cuevas, Erick Montañez, Andrea Reyes