Bahui – IBERO: Departamento de Diseño
Cucur. Macetas con plato y regadera.
11 mayo, 2023
AK´EN Conjunto de pipa y base
11 mayo, 2023


Ceramic pot and plate

Bahui. Maceta

In Zapotec Mythobotanics nature is holy and important.

The senses joy and calm have inspired us to create a sacred space for plants, inspired in the similitude of the holy Zapotec waterfalls of Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca and the beauty and calmness of Lion´s Mane Mushroom, one of the most curative of the fungi world.

Within the Zapotec Mythobotanics there is a sacred entity, The God Ahuia Teotl or Ahuitl, also called “The Joyful”, wich guided us to name this planter, combining botanics with joy, “B” from Botanic and “ahui” from sacred joy, BAHUI.


Diseño: Manuel Alvarez, Ernesto Belchez y Diego Blanco