Mitla – IBERO: Departamento de Diseño
Nikté. Botanero
11 mayo, 2023
Ixa. Bandejas giratorias y bowls.
11 mayo, 2023


Mezcal kit: Blown glass decanter whith two ceramic glasses and ceramic plate.

Ritual para Mezcal

MITLA is a family of five pieces: at the bottom, a ceramic set that represents the life on the earthlyl plane.

The ascendant curvature of the bottle has different variations to represent how organic and unpredictable death is, represented in blown glass as an ethereal synonymus.

The volumes complement each other to form a unity; the last piece is a wood plug which represents the materialization of the butterflie’s flight.

Designed to honor and share mezcal and other agave distillates.

Diseño: Atziri Guzmán, Ximena Gamboa y Natalya Meneses.