Zallot – IBERO: Departamento de Diseño
Zontle. Portavasos.
11 mayo, 2023
Xoco. Juego de tazas y jarra con juego de cartas incluido.
11 mayo, 2023


Basalt firepit whit brass base.

Zallot. Fogatero.

ZALLOT is a firepit inspired by the legend and architecture of the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Legend in which the fire is taken as a main element for the creation of the moon and the sun.

The firepit has two basalt burners, each one represents a pyramid.

The materials create a balance and at the same time break symmetry and provide contrast through the composition of the pieces.

All the materials and shapes used are designed to complement each other. 

ZALLOT is a diminutive of Tlecuezallotl which means fire flames in Nahuatl.


Diseño: Regina Zapan, Mauro Santoyo y Diego Carmona.